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WHY CHOOSE HUKUMJANAB.PK? is fast and gives immediate responses to the customers and provides Certified mechanics for Cars, Bikes, and Generators, Car Towing and Car Recovery, Electrician, Plumber, UPS repair, AC repair, Car Wash, Fridge, DeepFreezer and Water Dispenser repair, Disinfection and Fumigation services,CCTV installations and Motor Insurances. always understands the requirements of the customer and works on it on a daily basis. You can also download our application to avail our services from playstore.

HUKUMJANAB IS FAST is fast and gives immediate responses to valued customers. always understands the requirements of the customer, provides facilities, and resolve their problems as soon as possible.


The aim of is to change the life of our users and our vendors by using technology and getting efficient results and solving the problems by Certified Mechanics.

RELIABLE MECHANICS is being used by thousands of our people, has the trust of our users and over vendors, and in actual are trusted advisors too and best online handymen services .

OUR SERVICES is the fastest growing marketplace for Local Services. We are providing professionals to our general consumers who can provide trusted and quality services.’s goal is to make your life easy and make a difference in the lives of people by providing services at your doorstep. Services which we have are in numbers like Auto Electricians, Car Mechanic, Bike Mechanic, Scanning Services, Battery Charging Services, Car Fault Inspection, Car Purchase Inspection Services, Household Generators, Industry Generators, Car Washing Services, Car Towing Services, Auto Mechanics, Car AC Services, Emergency RoadSide Assistance, Key Making services, Electrician, Plumber, UPS repair, AC repair, Car Wash, Fridge, DeepFreezer and Water Dispenser repair, Disinfection and Fumigation services, CCTV installations and Motor Insurances We promise you to get your Emergency services in less than 60 minutes at your place.

Car Wash Services

Owning a car is just the first of your troubles when it comes to the responsibilities that you owe to your car. There is a certain level of maintenance that goes into a car and without staying on par, cars begin to give issues to their owners quite often. However, it is also important that you contact the right service in order to ensure that your car is properly taken care of and extra problems do not arise. An important part of car maintenance involves washing your car and keeping it clean especially on the surface.

Air Conditioner Service in Karachi

Air conditioners are the norm of almost every household when you live in a city which is as hot and humid as the likes of Karachi. For the most part, air conditioners will be on in different intervals of the day because people want to remain dry and cool for a majority part of the year. However, this overuse is what causes problems, people tend to think that a simple service in the beginning of the year is more than enough which isn’t always the case. There are services out there which will help with a proper installation of the AC, along with regular check-ups.


Electrician Services in Karachi

Need an electrician service in Karachi. To repair, change or install we are providing you expert and reliable electrician services in Karachi, with 100% satisfaction and security. Our responsible and expert electricians are able to reach at your door step within 45 minutes with all necessary tools after receiving your complaint.

Car repairing service

Here at Hukumjanab we have a wide range of services that we offer to the customers. You can choose the one that fits your needs. Car repairing service can take quite a while because of the effort that goes into it, especially if you do it on your own. You have to keep in mind that our workers are absolute certified professionals and you will not have to worry about them doing anymore damage to your car. Also, we offer reasonable pricing for the work that we do. You can trust us with your vehicle.

Generator Service and Maintenance in Karachi

Generator service in Karachi is a procedure by which maintenance workers show up to your house and they work to bring your generator up to par. The workers are perfect for people who do not have the capacity to leave their homes and take the generator to the service, for example handicapped people aur women who prefer not to leave the home for such tasks. Hukmjanab will help these people by providing certified service workers for the homes of these people. However, there are some steps that go into using service such as this.

Gardening services in Karachi

It is very hard to enjoy a lovely garden without gardening services. Here you are, for good gardening services. Nevertheless, you require weed removal or weed prevention, trimming of hedges and grass cutting etc. If you are planning to design and develop lawn for your new house or want to improve or redesign he existing one. We provide expert and reliable gardening services in Karachi.

Bike Maintenance Services in Karachi

Bike maintenance can be quite a task if you are new to the world of owning a motorbike, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right kind of service on your side. Not every service is perfect for your bike and going to an unreliable company can be quite damaging to the bike in the future. There are a few aspects that almost every trustworthy bike maintenance service will offer. It is important to note the kind of equipment they use and if the service is licensed and experienced enough to work on your bike.

Plumbing services in Karachi

You cannot avoid a day when taps are not working properly. It is quite difficult for a household lady to fix or change the tap. Plumbing services in time is hard to find. Providing expert and skilled plumbing services in Karachi is our motto. Just give a call and get 100 % satisfied plumbing services at your door step with reasonable cost.


Expert Technicians

Parts Replaced


Satisfied Clients


Years of Experience

  • Once again premium services renderred by hukumjanab. They have arranged best vendor for AC supply, technician to install it and an electrician for electrical arrangement. All services done via a simple phone call. And i availed such amazing services from outside the country. No hassel, no mismanagement. Above all, cost effective. I am really pleased. May Allah swt give u great success.

  • Called HukumJanab to get my Ac’s outer fixed. The technician Mr Shiraz was professional and came with complete equipments. I’m really satisfied with their services. He was kind enough to visit again and check the problem. Definitely recommend it to my friends and family!

  • if you are looking for convenience with excellent technical services ... hukumjanab team are the ones to get in touch ... I know khizar since many years and I am happy to follow and take his services ...



No Membership & No Annual Fees

No need to pay any yearly fee or anything , Just pay on spot the services which you have used.

All charges are mention in services.

Simply a Click or Call Away

Now you don’t have to wait in line at mechanic shops and destroy your weekends.
Its very simple and easy booking process.
Its like 1 2 3 and Booked.

User Friendly App

Download app and book your in just 3 screens, no hassle in booking you services.
Enjoy mobile application now.

18 Hour Services morning till night.

We are available from morning 9am to midnight 12, soon we are coming with 24 hours services.

Pay on Spot, Get Receipt

Get your services at your location, Pay on spot to Technician and get receipt via text with in few minutes.


We are providing services in all areas of Karachi now and soon coming to many other cities.


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